Here at Party Glitters in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island we love balloons. To us, they are beautiful and add excitement to any party. Here are top 5 ideas for having an unforgettable 2018 balloon party. From adorable balloon arches to whimsical balloon animals, we have it all.

1. Unicorn Balloon Decoration. Let’s get this balloon party off to a good start with this whimsical unicorn balloon decoration for little girls birthday party.
2. Tropical Balloon Garland. These sweeping garland in peach, pink and white with multi-size balloons, has a tropical vibe. This display would make a beautiful decoration for a baby shower or birthday party.
3. Love Balloons. Love is in the air, and this hear shaped balloons are amazing. Head to our Brooklyn location for a large selection of heart shaped balloons.
4. DIY Cactus Balloons. Make a cacti out of the color variations of green to create amazing cactus balloon jungle.
5. Paper Animal Balloons. These funny farm animals would make a great appearance at a kids birthday. We love the idea to have these balloons created by the kids at the party and taken home as favors. You can have paper cut outs for a white chicken, spotted dog, pink pig, yellow chicken and white cow.

We hope that you will find these few tips helpful. For all your baloon party needs head to our locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Hauppauge.