From the moment that guests arrive at your party, they’ll know that they’ve arrived in paradise. Here are some tips on how to make any space look straight out of the tropics:

  • Make a sandcastle centerpiece: purchase textured, sand-colored spray paint at any local hardware store. Spray paint shoe boxes and use them to form the main part of the castle. To construct the towers, glue Styrofoam cones to empty coffee cans, then paint. Other details, such as scallops across the top of the castle, can be cut out of Styrofoam and painted.
  • Visit a local travel agency and ask for old travel posters of Hawaii, the Caribbean, or other tropical destinations, and hang them throughout the party area.
  • Use decorative fringe to give a tropical vibe to tables, doorways, and your deck.
  • If you’re hosting the party outdoors, use play sand to set up a “beach.” You can use a sandbox or, if one isn’t available, spread sand on large trash bags for easy cleanup.
  • Lay out beach towels for the kids to sit on as they eat or play games.
  • Pile seashells and starfish in the corners of the party area and surround them with sand.
  • Set up tiki torches along the driveway or sidewalk leading up to the party location.
  • Hang string decorations from doorways and the ceiling that feature hula girls and brightly colored flowers.
  • Cut large flower shapes out of different colors of construction paper and tape them to the walls and doors.
  • Balloons are a must-have at any party! Combine a luau-themed Mylar balloon with four or five solidly colored latex balloons and secure them with balloon weights throughout the party area. Also, tie balloons to the chair where the birthday child will sit.
  • Cups shaped like pineapples or coconuts are the perfect way to ensure your tableware reflects the party’s theme.
  • Play luau party music in the background. Steel drum bands are a good choice.
  • Create striking photo opps using wall decorating kits that will bring a piece of paradise into your home.
  • Centerpieces with hibiscus flowers will be sure to add a pop of color to any display.
  • Personalized party banners are ideal for adding to the ambiance of your event while sharing special sentiments with the celebrant.

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