A theme is one of the prime requirements for any party. A good theme ensures that the decorations are done accordingly and makes the party more exciting. An appropriate theme for a Mother's Day bash is one that takes care of the age and tastes of your mom as well as the invitees. Go for popular themes like the 60's Theme where the decoration, music and even the attires of the guests must resemble the style of the 1960s. Or you can opt for the white dress party theme where white is supposed to be the dominant color of the party zone, right from the decorations to the dresses of the celebrants - everyone should come dressed entirely in white. Or you can request the invitees to come dressed in clothes of their favorite color or better, a color of your momma's choice. For all party supplies and decorations visit Party Glitters party supply store in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island.

Decoration plays a prominent part in setting the right mood of the party. A proper decoration is a reflection of the taste of the host and can make a memorable party. Flowers form a safe decoration item and add loads of beauty to your party venue. Greeting cards, festive banners, balloons and even homemade crafts can make the ambience more colorful. Check out Party Glitters party supply store on Long Island.