Here are a few tips on hot to decorate your classroom for upcoming Fall 2016.

Make them. Party Glitters sell special markers that let you draw on windows. Use the die cutter to cut out shapes to spruce up wall displays. Use what you have, what your school provides, and what other teachers are willing to share to make your classroom beautiful.

Have kids make them. Kids can make posters explaining how to solve math problems, displays of different geometric shapes in the classroom, a ‘quilt’ of their favorite books, etc. Use student work rather than store-bought posters. It’s more meaningful to the kids, and tells visitors more about what’s happening in your classroom. Large paintings done by children always look beautiful, no matter how young the students.

Focus on useful displays. A pretty poster is just taking up wall space unless it’s helping the kids learn, retain, and utilize their skills. Hang up your text connections poster, tricks for remembering multiplication facts, directions for how to do long division, a calendar with important dates and events for your students clearly marked, the correct friendly letter writing format, and so on. Refer to the posters often and your kids will, too.

Teacher’s Magazines. Lots of times there are free pull-outs in teacher magazines. If your college or public library subscribes, ask if you can take the posters out.

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