Here a few ideas for your Super Bowl LI Party in New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Nassau and Suffolk.

Don’t Be Afraid to Think Outside the Box

At Party Glitters we feature the largest selection of NFL party supplies and decorations. But if traditional Super Bowl and NFL decorations are not for you, we suggest checking out our baking section for chocolate lollipop molds.

Decorate Yourr Food Station

From snack bags, to popcorn baskets, and football field trays too, food displays are a simple way to add a healthy dose of Super Bowl decor to your store bought containers. It’s all about presentation with these items. Head to Party Glitters for great tableware decorations.

Decorate Your Cocktails

Speaking of presentation, cocktails love a good party too. Make simple tassel drink stirrers and pop them in a signature cocktail for an uber festive feel.

Game On!

While you’re watching the Big Event, throw a few party games into the mix. Things like Super Bowl Commercial Bingo or these Rating Cards will do the trick. Make simple pom poms from newspaper and handout to partygoers to cheer from the living room sofa.

For all these Super Bowl party supplies and decorations visit our locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Suffolk counties.