Here a few ideas for your Valentine's Day Party 2017 in New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Nassau and Suffolk.
Let your guests know that the love bug is on the loose with fun Valentine's Day party invites!
The way that you decorate for your party will obviously depend hugely on who the party is for.
For a Kid's Valentines Day Party:
Decorate it with heart shaped balloons from our stores in Brooklyn, Queens and Hauppauge. Also you can try the following game for kids.
Head over Heels:
You will need two bowls of Valentine candies (conversation hearts work good for this), four paper cups, and two handheld mirrors for this game. The kids, two at a time, will hold a paper cup on top of their heads. They will use the other cup to scoop candies out of the bowl, and try to pour them into the cup on top of their heads, using the mirror as a guide (someone will need to hold the mirrors for them). The goal is to see who can get the most candy into the cup on their head. This is much harder than it looks, and the kids love it! We did this at a party for my daughter and the kids didn't want to stop!
For an Adult's Valentines Day Party:
Keep the lights dim and hang clear white Christmas lights or heart string lights. Create your own pictionary game by coming up with some Valentine or love-related things for the guests to draw and try to guess.
Add some sweet treats to your list of Valentines Day party ideas and your party will be complete. Head to our stores for large selection of chocolate lollipop molds.
For all these Valentine's Day Party supplies and decorations visit our locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Suffolk counties.