Ballons are an integral part of any party. We associate balloons with happy and fun events. And, they are a natural fit for a wedding party and celebration. At Party Glitters located in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island we have a vast selection of party balloons at affordable prices.

We always reccomend our clients to call ahead for a large order. Depending on the type of the balloon, you should not have them inflated until 24 to 48 hours prior to your wedding. You don’t want to risk any of them deflating or getting punctured and popping. For that reason alone, it would be wise to order some extra in case of an incident.

Here are a few tips on how to decorate your wedding with balloon.

Although some may not associate balloons with exchanging wedding vows, you can add this simple touch of fun while still keeping it classy and appropriate. Stick to one color, either a color from your wedding palette, or you can’t go wrong with all white or ivory balloons.
Balloon wedding ceremony decor idea

You can give ballons to a flower girl or a ring bearer to carry down the aisle. The balloon also is bound to keep the little ones occupied and happy throughout the ceremony and remainder of the day.

Instead of the typical rose petals or confetti that guests throw when the newlyweds walk out of the ceremony, hand out balloons instead. This also would be a fun way to keep everybody together if the plan is to walk from the ceremony to the reception site.

Show off your wedding color palette with coordinating and contrasting colored balloons for your bridal party to hold, or stick to one color for a sophisticated and trendy monochromatic look. Consider special balloons specifically for the bride and groom that coordinate with traditional wedding décor, such as bells. Head to our store in Hauppauge in Smithtown area of Suffolk county, Long Island for all your wedding balloons ideas.

Everybody loves a photo booth, and it’s now easier than ever to create your own. Gather inspiration from this party that secured balloons to the ground at varying heights to create a balloon back drop, or from this get-together that simply taped balloons all over a wall.

Use letter or number-shaped balloons to spell out special sentiments at your ceremony and reception.

Welcome guests to what is sure to be an unforgettable reception by tying their escort card to the bottom of a balloon. Not only will guests have fun finding their personal balloon, the balloons also will instantly create reception décor by guests tying it to the back of their chair or letting it hang in the air above the table.

Giant numbered balloons are sure to make an impact when guests walk into the reception to find their table. This is an easy way to incorporate your engagement pictures and provide a table number above each table for guests to easily find. Your reception is sure to look beautiful. At our Brooklyn and Queens stores you will find a large selection of numbered baloons in a variety of colors.

A unique twist on the traditional cake topper, a single balloon or a bunch will bring a unique touch to your wedding cake, and it also will draw attention to it while it’s on display at the reception.

Far from cheesy, balloons will make for a memorable getaway for the bride and groom. Whether you choose to stick to one color or a variety of colors for more vibrant photos, balloons will send the newlyweds off in a fun way to their next adventure.

We hope that these few tips will make your wedding party truly unforgetable. For all your party suplly needs head to Party Glitters stores in New York City and Long Island.