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Stationery Supplies

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  1. A brilliant collection of pencil cases for the Back To School season featuring a smattering of smiley faces.Package include 1 doz pencil cases
  2. Each set includes a 7-pg. 5 1/4" x 8" activity pad and 2 assorted 3" crayons. Safe and non-toxic.
  3. Learning is more fun with the perfect school accessory. These Bright Pencil Sharpeners are the perfect addition to any box of school supplies for home or the classroom. Add them to back-to-school gift bags and giveaways to insure students are equipped with the right learning tools. These pencil sharpeners come in different bright colors, just pick your favorite!
  4. Carnival Activity Book With Crayons. Fun activities for your school carnival day! The Carnival Activity Book With Crayons features carnival-related games and pictures to color. Each 10 page activity book includes a pack of 4 assorted crayons. Safe and non-toxic.
  5. All craft kit pieces are pre-packaged for individual use. Kits include instructions and extra pieces
  6. All craft kit pieces are pre-packaged for individual use. Kits include instructions and extra pieces
  7. Ceramic Paint Set. Includes red, yellow, green, blue, black and white. Safe and non-toxic.
  8. Clay-Coated Smile Face Fun Meal Bags
  9. With these Color Your Own Bug Masks you'll have a a brilliant activity to keep your little ones from "bugging" you. Use your favorite markers, paint or crayons to color these cute critters. Each paper mask includes an 8" plastic stick.
  10. Are you looking for the perfect superhero party ideas? A fun craft for kids to complete during your superheroes birthday party, kids can use their own markers to color these Color Your Own Superhero Masks. An eye-catching addition to your party supplies, these paper masks will unleash the inner superhero in all your party goers. Each paper mask has cutout eyes and an elastic band.
  11. Keep these foam cubes on hand to perfect counting and sorting skills. A fun way to pave the way for math success! Assorted.
  12. Make dull pencil leads a thing of the past! Assorted. Plastic.
  13. Cupcake Notepads With Gems. Our Cupcake Notepads With Gems make sweet party favors for girls' birthday parties. Each notepad features gems that look like sparkling cupcake toppings! Blank pages.
  14. Cupcake Stampers. Making art is a piece of cake with these fun cupcake stampers. Decorate cards, gift wrap, notes and more with these sweet cupcake designs. Safe and non-toxic. Plastic.
  15. These plain cardboard masquerade masks are perfect for a skit or a play! Kids love to design their own paper masks and wear them to parties or while playing dress up. Add eye masks to your Halloween costume, superhero adventure or craft supplies for a fun DIY activity. Embellishments and accessories sold separately. Includes elastic bands.
  16. Spray, stamp or paint on your designs and add your own decorations to make these DIY crafts unique! They’re great for story time, school pageants or dress up play.
    We recommend using crayons, colored pencils, washable markers, permanent markers, tempera or acrylic paint, sold separately online.
  17. Teachers, parents, friends - they're all sure to enjoy a mug you created just for them thanks to these Do It Yourself Mugs. These do it yourself crafts for kids are a joy to decorate. Each plastic mug pulls apart so you can color the paper insert and then snaps closed again when you’re all done decorating. Each mug includes 1 paper insert. 4" 8 oz. Remove insert before washing.
  18. Polyester. 6" x 6" with 4 1/2" handles
  19. Keep the kids entertained this summer with this creative chalkboard craft project! Perfect for a tropical or surf-themed VBS, simply give the kids some craft supplies and let them embellish these unfinished wooden chalkboards however they choose. They'll have a blast creating their own unique chalkboard designs.
  20. Do It Yourself Value White Cotton Baseball Caps. Each with an elastic band. Each piece bar coded. Accessories not included.
  21. This fun kit makes an excellent craft activity for a sunny outdoor party! You get 2 dozen colorful foam visors and 1000 self-adhesive foam shapes and letters to decorate them. These are great crafts for prechoolers because of their easy to use, self-adhesive foam shapes. The best part is that older kids still love these cool crafts too!
  22. Make mom a garden of these DIY crafts for Mother's Day! These handy flowers can hold recipe cards, photos or notes. The 4" flower clip is on a metal spring with a 3" base.
  23. These do it yourself wood craft jewelry boxes are twice the fun! Paint them with your favorite designs and colors and then use them to store all your special treasures! Each has heart-shaped knobs, a hinged lid and drawer.
  24. Make homes for your feathered friends with these Do It Yourself Wood Nesting Birdhouses. Our unfinished wooden birdhouses are fun to decorate! The little roofed huts make the perfect canvas for your paints and craft materials. Use them as a group DIY wood craft project and see the creative designs kids will make. Each birdhouse is uniquely shaped.
  25. Useful and educational, these 1 1/4" Earth Erasers are a fun way to learn geography and make out-of-this-world prizes for your Earth Day activities
    4 dozen per pack
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